With a 10 year background in television production, I have enjoyed a career specializing in effective planning, resourcing, negotiating and establishing working relationships with vendors. My experience in production and my love for decorating naturally led to set decorating. I enjoy discovering who the characters are, what they like and where they’ve been. I also enjoy telling the story of the space they inhabit… as it may have stories of its own. It is a form of communication that is the most natural to me and the most enjoyable.  I’ve experienced my life through a visual spatial lens, obsessed with objects, shapes and forms.   When it comes to travel, the thrill of culture shock along with the nuances of humanity that binds us all, is invigorating to me. The fact that design transcends the language barrier is unbelievably fulfilling. Whether you are on my site to check out my work, find inspiration or simply surfing the web, I hope that you leave dreaming of a more beautiful world.  Enjoy! 

~ Priscilla Cordoba