For me, travel is as necessary as breathing. It increases my focus and educates my soul. I have traveled on all budgets and stayed in tents, hostels and 5 star resorts, enjoying myself immensely regardless of the lodging situation. I dreamed of studying abroad in my early years of high school. Although that wish never became a reality, as a senior I joined a trip to Europe with my history class that changed my life forever. It opened my world to culture, landscapes and architecture. I remember my travels as a child and cherish the moments my parents took me outside of the resort walls to eat with the locals. It became the stepping stone for my passion to learn about the way locals live outside of the typical beach resort vacation and the reality behind the stereotypes that come along with the location. I have since been to 35 countries around the world. Today, I am grateful that I can incorporate travel in my career as a Set Decorator and Interior Designer. 

~ Priscilla